Pixel 3a : Google’s First Premium Budget Smartphone

Finally, Google has also launched its premium budget phone on its annual event called Google I/O. These smartphones are Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL.

Google I/O is a developer conference held annually for 3 days in Mountain View, California.

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Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL were unveiled by the Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Its seems like Google is also following the trail of its competitors. Like the iPhone Xr and the Samsung Galaxy S10e. But unlike Apple and Samsung, Google has provided two size options.

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But in this blog, we will be investigating only Pixel 3a.


Though Pixel 3a is made up of polycarbonate body but still its looks very aesthetic. The smartphone feels very premium in hand. It more or less looks like the original Pixel devices. It also features the OLED panel and comes in three color options. So overall, it’s a great looking device.

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Specs wise this phone can disappoint you a bit. As it comes with a snapdragon 670 which is not justified at a price it comes with. Phone features on wireless charging and no water resistance.


Storage – 64GB

Display size – 5.6 inches OLED Panel

Resolution- 1080X2220

Battery – 3000mAh

3.5 mm Jack – Yes

Memory Card Slot – No

Front camera – 8MP

Rare camera – 12MP

Speaker – Stereo Speakers

Weight – 147g

Thickness – 8.2mm

The main highlights

The biggest highlight of this device is its camera. If camera is your priority than it’s the best smartphone camera. It has a single 12MP rare facing camera whose quality is unbeatable. It captures excellent shots during night also. Google’s camera is more of software enhancement than the hardware. That’s the reason Pixel phones still feature a single rare camera. 

Apart from this, Pixel 3a will get continuous 3 years of android update. The battery back is also excellent due to its hardware and software optimisation.

Final Thoughts

Since Pixel 3a is imported to India, it cost around 39 thousand rupees. India is a very price sensitive market. It’s very hard for this device to get sold in India. But if you are a stock android lover and camera is your priority than it would be a perfect match.


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