Everything You Need To Know About MacBook Air 2018

On October last, yet again Apple has kicked off things by introducing its new products at Brooklyn, New York. Apple has released its three new products- The MacBook Air, iPad Pro, and Mac Mini.

The New MacBook Air

This time Apple has redesigned the MacBook Air completely. MacBook Air line up is the most loved notebook by the Apple users. For the past few years there has been only few changes in the device. The biggest complaint about the earlier MacBook was its old outdated display.

Retina Display on MacBook AIR

The new MacBook Air is lighter more portable and weighs just 1.25 kg. It is the first Mac which is made up of the recycled 6000 series aluminum. It comes in the three stunning colors space gray, silver and in the new shade of gold. MacBook Air features the 13.3” retina display which has 48% more color accuracy than previous generation. It comes with the Apple 3rd -generation butterfly mechanism keyboard with individual LED backlight.

New gold variant of MacBook Air

The notebook can be easily accessed by the touch of your finger as it features the Touch ID sensor with the T2 Security chip. The machine runs on the macOS Mojave with the Hey Siri feature. It is running on the Intel’s latest 8th generation core i5 processor clocked at 1.6GHz and can be boost up to 3.6GHz. The base model starts with the 128GB SSD and can be extended up to 1.5TB SSD with the memory from 8GB to 16GB.


In terms of port- it has two Type-C USB ports which also supports Thunderbolt 3, alone with the 3.5mm headphone jack. The audio experience on it will be more pleasant as it comes with the stereo speakers. They delivers the 25% more volume than the previous generation. But all that comes up the with a premium price of $1199 which makes MacBook Air 2018 very expensive.


Is iPhone XR Really A Budget Phone?

Apple is considered to be the king of smartphone market in the world. Anyone who loves Apple wait every year for the new iPhones. This year was special for the Apple as it has released three new iPhones in the market on September 26, 2018 from it’s headquarter at Cupertino, California.


It has released iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Both iPhone XS and XS Max are the premium devices whereas iPhone XR is sort of budget device which Apple claims.

Before the release of iPhones there were rumors that- this year Apple will release a budget range iPhone. However, this is true that iPhone XR is less expensive than both the other iPhone XS and XS Max. The starting price of iPhone XS and XS Max is US $1000 and $1500 while XR is $749.

But the question arises that- Is iPhone XR really worth the price? In India the starting price of iPhone XR is Rs. 76,900 which is almost 40% higher than the USA pricing. This device does not have something new rather than having the more color options. It is available in red, yellow, gray, blue etc.


There are many cons in device like that in the age of dual or triple camera it has only single lens camera with no wide angle and telephoto cameras. The design is similar to the previous year’s iPhone X with a notch. There is no home button on the device. One can use face ID or the old school password.


The device comes with 5.8” Liquid Retina HD Display which is just a normal LCD panel. It has the screen resolution of 1792×828 pixels which is 326 ppi only. Its screen resolution is equivalent to the screen resolution of iPhone 4 which was released on June 24, 2010. Unlike other models it does not have 3D touch.

There are many best options available in the android smartphone in the market in less price. No doubt, the device looks beautiful but Apple as always charging very high for its products.

Life is hard, but thank God, here in India, we have a life to live: Rohingya Refugees

“In 2012, I left everything and fled to India along with my family”, said Noor Yunus, in a nostalgic voice. A man in his late 50s is a Rohingya Muslim refugee.


Rohingyas are the ethnic group of Muslim people living in the north-west of Rakhine in Burma. They are often described as “among the world’s least wanted” and “the world’s most persecuted people”. Simply one can described them as stateless people.

Yunus came to India 4 years ago to save his family from the exploitation of the Burmese military. He lives at one of the refugee camps at Kalindi Kunj in Delhi. There are 8 members in his family including 6 children out of whom 2 are daughters & 4 are sons.

Now, Yunus is the head of the Kalindi Kunj Refugee Camp. He tries to help every Rohingya Refugee he comes across to. In his office, there display helpline numbers & some other ‘to do things’ list, in case of any untoward happening in camp as the structures are temporary & fragile.

According to Yunus, there are around 83 more families living in that area. The place is rented, so every family has to pay around 700-1000 rupees a month excluding electricity charges.


This camp is more like a slum area. Here people are deprived of the basic amenities. There is a lack of sanitation and hygiene. They have no access to the clean drinking water. They even don’t have the toilets in their vicinity.

When we visited the camp we saw children were roaming around in semi naked conditions. They were playing in the dirty mud. The future of these children are uncertain. Families living here don’t have any identity proof except for the card issued by the UNHCR.

During the conversation we asked Yunus if he is happy to be here despite living in this miserable conditions. He optimistically said, ‘I am happy because I have my family with me and they are safe here’.

We were amazed by his response because it’s not easy to leave everything we have and started living in an alien country. While we were closing up the conversation he said, ‘Life is hard here but I am happy. At least I have a life to live.’ ‘I hope the conditions will improve soon’, he added, with a smile.


More pictures of the Camp


Rohingya Children


Mohammed Yunus in his office.


A Rohingya child, playing in mud (Photo-MTNS) 

Noor Yunus, Head of Kalindi Kunj Rohingya Camp, in his office (Photo-MTNS)

Learn The Tips To Learn A Foreign Language.

There are many people who want to learn foreign languages. And why not when there are many reasons for that? Like- better job profile, make international travel easier, immense work opportunities etc.

Today in this blog, I will tell which language to prefer and how to study it effectively? Although I am not an expert, yet may be you would found it helpful.


Which language to opt?

This is one of the most common questions- wthat which language would be better. Some says it’s German while other says it’s Spanish. Well, for choosing a language there are certain parameters that a person can follow.

  1. Country’s Economy It always better to learn that language which is in demand. The economy plays an important and impressive role, in terms of learning language. Currently the top languages to learn in 2018 are Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Japanese and German.
  2. Personal Interest Some people tend to develop interest in a particular country. Because of its tradition, culture, people, etc. If you have such interests then go for it. Personal interest helps in boosting the learning process.

Screenshot (15).png


How to study a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language is not an easy task until you don’t have interest in it. Learning a language requires consistency, determination, dedicated time, and hard work. But before learning any language, I would like to share some useful tips.

  • Research- It’s always a wise thing to do a research before opting any foreign language course. Once you have decided which language you are interested in, do the basic research about the country. Learn about their culture, history and geography of the country.
  • Start learning the basics of the language before you actually started learning it  officially. This you can do by learning from the Apps, Websites, YouTube or you can buy some basics books. This pre-learning of the language will help you in knowing that whether you are comfortable with the language or not. Many students left the language course in the middle because they find it difficult or less interested in learning the language.


  • Reading and Listening- In the early phase of learning a language, reading and listening are very important. Try to read it grammatically correctly and then later on you can learn the native way of speaking. For improving your reading and listening skills listen to the Audio CD provided with the book. Imitate the dialogues which you hear from it. Listening and reading from the book for 15-20 minutes daily will bring such huge change in your learning process.


  • Punctuality- Learning a language is a process. For that you must practice it every day. Do all your assessments on time and regularly practice whatever your teacher taught you in the class. If you don’t practice it regularly then you seriously won’t learn it.


  • Avoid Using Multiple Books- When you are a beginner than avoid learning from the multiple books. The book which is provided with the course is well sufficient and tried to finish it completely. Try to solve the work book provided with the book. This will help in building your vocabulary and writing. Many students buy other books due to which they can’t focus on the main the book. Your main book with the course is well enough to teach almost all the necessary things which you are required to learn.


So these are some of the valuable tips that can help you in learning a foreign language. I hope you may it helpful. If you have such any queries regarding the same so post me in the comments section below. You can even send me message on my social media handle. Thank you and good luck.



Life: The Greatest Gift

There was anyway no point in living this life further. I anyway would just have been a living dead body. What has happened has happened. It would have happened any time anywhere. I know it will be difficult from now on but not impossible. Just think I never existed.


These were some of the last lines written by a 28 years old UPSC aspirant named Varun Subhash Chandran. He was from Karnataka. He recently committed suicide on Sunday evening. The reason behind his suicide was- he was not allowed to enter the examination center as he was just 4 minutes late.

Photo of Varun Subhash Chandran 

Varun Chandran was originally from the town of Kumta, Karnataka. He had been living in Delhi’s Rajinder Nagar for the past one year. On Sunday morning, Varun Chandran was to appear for the preliminary exam of UPSC. By mistake, instead of going to the correct exam centre he went to wrong centre. The right centre was 5 KM away from the correct centre which was at Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya. He reached there by 9.24 am. In the admit card issued by the UPSC – says that no candidate will be allowed to entered the exam by 9.20 am.

He straight away went back to his rented room in Ranjinder Nagar and hanged himself from a fan. Her friends even tried to call her but he didn’t answer. At 5.55 pm the police control room received the information through his landlord. Police went to his room and found him hanged along with the admit card and a suicide note.

Suicidal data by NCRB

This incident was shocking and heartbroken. But there are many students like him who are committing suicide every year. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) a total of 9,474 students committed suicide in 2016. That means one student committed suicide in every 55 minutes. The most of suicidal cases were from Karnataka, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Sikkim etc.

Maharashtra was among the top states where 1,350 cases were recorded in the year 2016.  West Bengal and Tamil Nadu were among on the second and the third position where number of suicides cases were 1,147 and 981 respectively.


Reasons of Suicides

There are several circumstances under which students takes this hash step of life. These reasons are -fear of failure, economical conditions, over pressure of exams, excessive expectation of parents, extreme competition, poor relationship with parents and many more other reasons.

My thoughts on the Suicides

Life is a very beautiful gift given by GOD. We all live in this world for a purpose. Success and failures are the part of life. I know it’s been a very painful for those who had committed suicide. Sometimes I wonder about those students how much mental pressure they had taken. I mean taking their life seems to be easy for them than to live. The fear of failure is so much that- the death is the better solution for them to face the reality.

GOD has given us this one life and we should live it happily. Life is like a rainbow with multi color. The some part will contain extreme happiness and another will contain dilemma. Face the reality and never leave the company of your closed ones. Talk to your parents, your friends, your teachers and share with them your problem. Don’t let the problem hollow you from inside your mind and body. Life is beautiful and until you are alive just keep on doing hard work and one day for sure you will get the success.

World’s biggest health care scheme: Ayushman Bharat

World’s biggest health care scheme: Ayushman Bharat

This year’s Union Budget for 2018 saw a major reform in the health sector. When Our Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitely has announced a scheme called Ayushman Bharat. It is considered to be the biggest health scheme. No other country in the world has ever implemented such a huge scheme which will gonna benefit millions of people for free of cost. It first draft came on 21st March 2018.

Ayushman Bharat comes under the NHPM (National Health Protection Mission).Its universal health care scheme with a budgetary support of Rs 85, 217 crore by the Central Government. Under this scheme, insurance of Rs. 5 lakh per year will be given to the 10 crore poor and vulnerable families or approx 50 crore beneficiaries.

This policy will cover all secondary and almost all tertiary care hospitalization. This scheme will now subsume two other schemes which were running by the central government. These schemes are RSBY (Rashtya Sawasthya Bima Yojna) and SCHIS (Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme).

Understanding Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Health Care

  • Primary Health Care– This constitutes treatment on an out-patient basis. To understand it better let’s take an example like normal fever. You go to nearby clinic and same day you discharged and come home. This will come under primary health care with does not required kind of special treatment.
  • Secondary Health Care– This refers to the hospitalization for “non-critical” ailments”. Like typhoid and other related diseases where you have to admit in hospital for 10-12 days.
  • Tertiary Health Care- This relates to the treatment of critical ailments and requires high tech and expensive facilities equipment. Like treatment of cancer which requires long time for treatment.

Other important highlights of Ayushman Bharat.

  1. It will cover those Indian who are between 16 to 59 years of age.
  2. No premium will be charged.
  3. It will also cover pre and post-hospitalization expenses.
  4. Beneficiaries can avail benefits in both public and empanelled private hospitals.
  5. Even transport allowance per hospitalization will be paid to the beneficiary.

Unnao Rape Case

A girl’s father was brutally beaten to death in a police station. The reason was that the girl was raped by a MLA of that area. The girl’s father lodged a complaint against the MLA but police did not arrest him. They (Police) instead arrested the girl’s father. Police along with the MLA had beaten the girl’s father to death. It would have been so painful for him.

This sounds like a film story but unfortunately this is a real incident which has happened in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh. This is the state of Mr. Yogi Aditya Nath. I wish he would have taken the actions earlier.

A girl was raped by Unnao MLA Kuldeep Singh and his brother Jaideep Singh on 4th June 2017 at 8.00 pm, says the victim. The girl was minor that time now an adult. She and his family lodged a complaint against the MLA and his brother but police did not do anything. The girl had even written a letter to Mr. Yogi but he also didn’t take any actions against it.

BJP MLA’S brother Jaideep Singh, the main accused of the rape.

On this Sunday the police have arrested the girl’s father from their home. First they beaten him in his home and then they took him to the police station. There tortured him at an extreme level. They even gave him the electric shocks. According to the post mortem report he got 19 serious injuries on his body. Now you can imagine how much torture this person has suffered.

The girl’s father before his death.

This brutal case again has exposed the true face of people with political power. This shows that in UP if you have muscle and power than you can do anything. Poor people are considered nothing. The girl’s father could have been saved and the amount of charges in which he was arrested was not strong enough to put him into the jail. But he sent to jail because he was poor.

Now a probe is been conducted by the SIT. This is what happens in the very case they just set up  SIT (Special Investigative Team) at the end when girl has already lost his father.This very shameful for Yogi Government that they fail to get the justice for the girl. I think instead to making “Anti-Romeo Sqauds” please arrest the culprits. I hope this will be better for his Government.