Top 5 Google Apps That Everyone Should Try

We all use Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube in our smartphones. But do you know that apart from these apps, there are more than 100 apps that are officially made by Google. These apps can be downloaded from Android as well as Apple app store.  

These Google apps may seem like an ordinary app. However, they have versatile functionalities and are very productive in nature. As they are Google apps they can be easily accessed from any device via your Gmail account.

#1. YouTube Kids 

YouTube Kids is an app developed especially for the kids below the age of 9. This app is boon for parents who have kids. Due to age restriction feature, no violent or obscene content would be available. This app permits a safer online learning experience to the kids. So, parents can give their phones to their kids without any worries.

#2. Google Trips

Google trips is a travel planner app with more than 5 million downloads on Google Play store. This app can make your travel planning more organized & systematic. From reservations to day plans everything can be done on this app. 

Apart from this, you can access everything about your trip offline also. This feature is very handy when you are out of data and you have to use maps. So, next time when you will plan your trip, use Google Trips.

#3. Google Photos

Although it’s the most downloaded app on Google Play store with more than 1 billion downloads, yet it’s the most underrated app. People hardly use this app in their smartphones.

However, It’s the best gallery app. With Google Photos, all your photos are organized and easy to find. You can easily find photos according to different categories. Like – people, places, things, videos etc. Apart from this, it saves your photos automatically to the cloud storage linked via your Gmail account. So, you can access all your photos any time from any device.

#4. Google Keep – notes and lists

Google Keep is our personal favourite Google app. It’s one of the best app to organize notes, reminders and lists. You can choose a different background color with each of your notes. It not only looks beautiful but also made it easy to identify your different notes.

Besides this, Google Keep can be accessed to various devices. It automatically sinks with your Gmail account just like the Google Photos. You can share your Google notes with yours friends also to their Gmail account. So, download Google Keep and organized your tasks in an easy and systematic way.

#5. Snap Speed

Many of us don’t know that Snap Speed is Google’s app. While Google Photos can do basic photo editing. But Snap Speed is much better and has more advance features.

Snap Speed is designed especially for mobile interface. This makes it really easy for us to navigate through the app. Advance features like tune image, HDR scape, tonal contrast, healing, white balance and many more are available in Snap Speed. Hence, it can provide a professional look to your photos.